Schools within HLL Boundary

The following schools fall within HLL Boundaries.  If you attend one of these schools you are eligible to play within Holly Little League:

A.  Davisburg Elementary

B.  Holly Elementary

C.  Patterson Elementary

D.  Rose Pioneer Elementary

E.  Karl Richter Middle School

F.  Holly High School

G.  Independence Elementary

H.  Springfield Plains Elementary

I.  Adelphian Junior Academy

J.  Cedar Crest Academy

K.  Holly Academy

L.  Springfield Christian Academy


Want to check your address?

To find out if your address falls within HLL Boundaries, you can use our Interactive Google Map.  You'll need a Google login, but it will help you determine if exactly where your located on our map.


What if my address is outside the HLL Boundary?  Can I still play in HLL?

Yes you can.  You will need to sign a waiver during registration, but you will be able to play in all regular season games.  Unfortunately, there is one catch...  Players outside of HLL Boundaries won't be eligible for Little League International post season tournaments.  Still, if there is not an organized Little League in your area, this opportunity is still better than not having the chance to play at all.

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